Firstly, I’d like to state that this is a completely unbiased review of the greatest dental website designs that I’ve ever come across. These websites are designed by others, and the point of this article is to show you the main factors that go into creating a great web design for a dental practice.

I always like to look at the work that others do. There are some truly great designers working out there (although many work for us), and their work should be praised. The creativity and talent that go into some websites are astounding. (It’s worth noting that talent often comes at a high cost in the web design industry).

Without further ado, here are the best dental websites that I’ve come across:

Atlanta Dental Spa


Atlanta Dental Spa Web Design

The website for Atlanta Dental Spa is an excellent example of a 21st century dental website. It has all the qualities of a truly great website:

  • It’s responsive (the website changes to fit smaller mobile screens)
  • It has an excellent, consistent color profile
  • It has “call to action” buttons, telling you to “Claim Your Life Changing Smile”

It also has a live chat box located in the bottom right hand corner. This allows clients to quickly and easily get in touch with your office.

Scrolling down their website, there are clear links in bright orange encouraging you to make an appointment. There are also two phone numbers in large, clear fonts. Their homepage also includes videos (a great addition to a dental website), and great virtual tours of their offices.

All the detail you would need about their company is listed on their home page. There’s a section telling you why you should choose them, and ¬†another listing the services they offer, designed using a wonderfully creative “accordion” style menu system.

Delving further into their site offers the patient hundreds of articles about various dental problems, services, and a high quality before & after section.

There’s been a lot of time, effort and money expended on this site, and it really does show.


Balance Dental


Balance Dental's Website Design

Balance Dental is a Los Angeles based dental practice which also happens to be the Number 1 listing in the popular Google search “Los Angeles Dentist”. That on its own has taken a lot of work to accomplish, but looking into their website, it gives an air of professionalism through its excellent layout and muted color scheme.

This dental practice obviously is proud of its social media presence (by the prominence of their Facebook and Google+ profile links). It’s also obviously proud of the reviews that their practice have.

By scrolling further down their homepage, they have an excellent section which I rarely see on a dental website; a list of every single review of their practice. There are (currently) 267 in total, and they have no reviews under 3 stars (out of 5).

The reviews listed on the site are recent, relevant and certified as real by a third party company. This type of feature gives a great sense of trust to the name and brand, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this feature along attracts a huge amount of new clients.

I’m not sure whether the company offers a percentage discount in return for the reviews, or whether their clients really are that loyal that they’ll willingly log onto the website and post a review themselves.


Water Tower Dental


Water Tower Dental Site DesignThis website is an excellent example of an effective lead generating website for a top dental practice in Chicago. As soon as you log onto Water Tower Dental’s website, you’re greeted with a clean, bight design and an enticing box on the right hand side in which you can receive a “New Patient Special Price” by filling out your name, phone number and email address.

This sort of information can be a vital marketing tool for dental practices, so it makes sense that this site requests this information (in return for an incentive) so prominently.

Before scrolling down to the rest of their website, you’ll notice they have a “request appointment” button (which moves with you wherever you are on the website, which I like) and it also has a direct link to their Yelp website, which has 23 five-star reviews.

When you have a good reputation online, it’s an excellent idea to link to it on your website. This will allow new customers to read how good you are, and it also allows existing customers to easily add their own reviews of your practice.

A lot of their website visitors will not get past this first page of the website, but by scrolling down, we find some useful pieces of information, video reviews and a “meet the team” section.

The rest of their website has some excellent information, but the one thing that I would change about this site is: it isn’t responsive.

Meaning that if a web visitor is accessing their website via their smartphone, they’ll see a website which is designed for a large desktop screen, and not a small mobile screen. In 2014, that is a big mistake.