What is the good of having a website if no one visits? This is a common problem for many cannabis businesses and their lack of seo strategy; they spend thousands of dollars on an excellent design, but have little to no new visitors every month because they did not invest any time or money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of getting a website to rank highly in Google, Bing and Yahoo! in order to increase website traffic and increase the number of leads to that website. With 76% of Americans using search engines to find purchases and services, SEO is a very popular but highly competitive market.

SEO for Cannabis is extremely competitive. All dispensaries in your area are trying to target the same people as you are. There are ten places on Google’s front page, and only ten locations will be able to fill those positions, meaning that the majority of dispensaries will miss out on a large amount of website traffic.


A recent study from Search Engine Watch shows that 53% of people who use Google click on the first listing that shows up. The second listing gets 15% of clicks whilst the fifth listing gets just 4% of clicks. If you are not in the top five listings on Google or another major search engine, you will be missing out on new website visitors.

Paid advertising (PPC) isn’t the answer, either. PPC is a form of internet advertising which allows advertisers to pay every time their advert is clicked in a search engine. Although this may seem like an excellent idea, it can turn out to be very expensive. Cannabis is extremely competitive online, and to advertise on Google will cost an average of $13.55 per click (based on our own research using Google AdWords). This means you’ll pay Google an average of $13.55 for every person who clicks on your advertisement, no matter whether they book an appointment with you or leave your website straight away.

The most effective Return on Investment (ROI) is to use advanced SEO methods to ensure that your website ranks in the top five listings. This can be a fairly lengthy process, but consistent work and effort will usually ensure excellent results.

Most potential customers will search for generic terms. For example, if the customer lives in Miami, they may search for “Miami cannabis dispensary ” and choose to visit one or more of the top five listings. It’s highly likely that the searcher will choose one of the first five listings.

If you business is in Miami, and don’t optimize your website for the “Miami dispensary” keywords, then your website will be virtually invisible to local searchers. The best way to consistently get results online is to use advanced SEO methods to ensure your website out ranks your competitors for key searches.

Fortunately, our system allows you to “Get Found” online. We implement tried and tested strategies to get our clients onto the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

The techniques that we use include:

  • Adding your website to Google Local (Google’s new local directory system)
  • Editing on-page elements such as titles, meta descriptions and keyword density
  • Editing your website content to ensure that it is search engine friendly, and more importantly so that it is of value to your customers
  • Off-site techniques which include link-building, directory submission and blog writing.

These techniques, along with other strategies put in place by our SEO experts will give you the best chance of consistently ranking highly for key local searches, and ultimately attracting more customers.