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How To Get More Followers

How do you get more social media followers for your dental practice?
In 2015, you will no doubt be aware that around 1 in 6 people across the globe is a Facebook user. You may also be aware that Twitter has 280 million active users, and Instagram has 300 million active users.

Therefore, it’s necessary for your […]

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Speed Up Your Dental Website

Over the weekend, we took a look at our website and decided on a strategy of how it could be improved. After some analysis, we decided that reducing the page loading time would be an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Why focus on the page speed? There are a number of reasons for improving […]

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What Should Be On Your Practice Homepage?

Your dental practice website homepage is how most new clients will make first contact with you, and whether you like it or not, you’ll be judged on your dental work by how your website looks. This means that it has to look pleasing, whilst providing all the relevant information for a client to contact you.

So […]

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Our Own Redesign

Every website needs overhauling and updating every once in a while, and is no different. During the last week, we’ve been updating our site, making major improvements in style and functionality.

The great thing about our new website is that it’s a clean, professional, clinical design. We’ve built it using the WordPress platform, and have […]

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Improve Your Website Today

Are you looking to make some improvements to your dental website without creating a whole new website? Here are some quick development tips that you can implement today in order to improve your website:

Include a call-to-action button: This means adding a button to your homepage prompting your visitors to find out more about your dental […]

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Website Design Trends of 2015

Now that most of us are back at work, we can concentrate on our business goals for the year. Perhaps one of your goals is to redesign your website this year. However, how do you make sure that the design of your dental website is up-to-date both visually and technologically?

We’ve put together a list of […]

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Dental SEO Checklist

Dental SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can be an excellent source of new leads and referrals when done correctly. Being the number one site across key dentistry searches can bring in many brand new clients every month.

However, correct dental SEO in 2015 is a bit of an art, and can be detrimental to your website in the long run […]

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Responsive Design Or A New Mobile Site?

This is a common question, and a very important one in the world of dental web design. As you may be aware, mobile sites are a must have in 2015, and with mobile technology becoming so much more advanced, mobile websites are going to become much more valuable for your dental practice in the future.

There […]

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WordPress for Dental Websites

You may have heard of the WordPress content management system. If you haven’t, it’s a free to use Content Management System which can be edited and manipulated by professional designers to suit the needs of hundreds of thousands of different users. Many dentists use WordPress within their website system, too.

WordPress ( is used by 76.4 million […]

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The Best Dental Websites

Firstly, I’d like to state that this is a completely unbiased review of the greatest dental website designs that I’ve ever come across. These websites are designed by others, and the point of this article is to show you the main factors that go into creating a great web design for a dental practice.

I always […]

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