Are you looking to make some improvements to your dental website without creating a whole new website? Here are some quick development tips that you can implement today in order to improve your website:

  1. Include a call-to-action button: This means adding a button to your homepage prompting your visitors to find out more about your dental practice or to book an appointment with you. This button should be visible, and preferably on the first page that the visitor sees. For an example of a call to action button, take a look at the top of this page. We’ve included a “Build your website package” to encourage our users to interact with us.
  2. Improve your photography: Adding photos of your practice, your staff and your procedures can improve trust in your online brand, bringing you more patients. This can easily be done. Everyone has access to a camera of some sorts, and adding images to your website can be done in a matter of minutes.
  3. Simplify your menu: Does your main menu over-complicate things? Are there too many options for your visitors to choose from? If so, we’d recommend removing some of the more unnecessary links, allowing your most important pages to have greater prominence throughout your website.
  4. Add reviews and ratings: If you have any Yelp reviews or have had feedback from your clients, add this to a page within your website. This will improve the trust of your brand and may also improve your SEO score. Google loves to work with trusted online websites.
  5. Improve your on-page SEO: If you are hoping to rank your website well for some key local searches then you should add keywords to your on-page text and to your page titles. This is the first step to helping you to improve your website ranking, allowing your site to become exposed to more local visitors.

These are just five simple steps to help to improve your website today. If you need help with your design, development, SEO or social media presence then please contact us today to arrange a free quote.