Does your dental business have a Facebook page? In addition to the business main web page, a dental business should also have a Facebook page for marketing purpose.

Consider the following statistics:

  • United States has over 100 million Facebook users (1).
  • Two out of three American are using Facebook.
  • In states like New York, California and Chicago (Tech savvy states), there are one out of two Facebook users.
  • An average Facebook user visits the site 40 times per month and spends at least 20 minutes in each visit. That is an average of around 15 hours a month.
  • Every Facebook user has an average of 130 friends.
  • 80 percent of Facebook users are 18 years old or older.

Looking at the above statistic, we all agree that Facebook is a great place to market your dental business. Keeping Facebook out of your dental marketing efforts could be a big mistake. Whether you already have a Facebook page or you are planning to get one, keep the following dental Facebook strategies tips in mind when marketing your dental practice.

6 Dental Facebook Marketing Tips

Tip 1: Use a Second Website for your Dental Business: Facebook
A good Facebook dental marketing strategy is to use Facebook as your second website for your business. Make sure to add all your dental business information in your Facebook page. Your Facebook page fans will be happy having a dentist in Facebook with quick contact information just in case they have any emergency or question.

Tip 2: The Perfect Internal Marketing Tool for your Practice
There is no doubt that Facebook is a great internal marketing tool. First, you can keep a continuous communication and relationship with your Facebook fans. Then, by having your fans liking your dentist Facebook page and interesting content, your fans’ friends will also get to know your dental business.

These will cause that your patients will go back to your dental business, and new patients will probably start going to your business as well.

Tip3: Casual is Better
Keep your Facebook page with a casual spirit and tone. This will keep your fans coming back to your page. Long lectures are not good tactic for your fan page. Keep it interesting and simple.

Tip 4: Up-to-date Content
You must keep your dental Facebook page with current information at all times. It is recommended to post new content every day, probably twice a day. By doing this, your fans and customers will know that your dental practice is still active and in business.

This must be taken very seriously. Assign to one of your employees the task of keeping a schedule of what to do each day with your dental Facebook page. The following are suggestions about what to write each day of the week:

Monday: Inform your Facebook fans about something important that happened over the weekend.

Tuesday: Add links and news along with your post. You want your fans to see you as an authority in the field.

Wednesday: This is the perfect day to add something funny, inspirational quote or a clip for your fans.

Thursday: Take this day off on posting new information. You can read your fans comments and probably reply to some of them.

Friday: This is good day to post something about the coming weekend.

The point here is to be creative, post useful information that your fans could benefit from.

Tip 5: Use Facebook Paid Marketing
Facebook has a section on the right side of your page for businesses to advertise. The great thing about Facebook is that it contains many specific data about each user. Therefore, you can advertise to only users that meet the qualifications that you specify. This is called targeted advertising.

This is how it works. Create an ad for your product or service, and ask Facebook to show it to potential customers. Facebook will charge you each time someone click on your add. You can select to only shows your add to potential customers from your geographic area, with certain income, age group, sex, etc.

If you take the time to make sure to target to the right users, it could be very successful.

Tip 6: Have control of your Facebook Dental Page
If you have not claimed your dental page, it is time to do it now. How can you claim your page? Well, very simple. Just login into your personal account and search for your Dental practice on Facebook (this can be done by either typing your name or your business name). As soon as you find it, click on the link on the bottom left side of the page. This link will allow you to claim your page. Facebook will call your office to validate the claim, making sure that you are really the owner of the business. After you claim it, you will be able to modify the information of your business page.




If you’re interested in using Facebook for your dental practice, but don’t know how to start, then why not use one of our social media management packages.