Your dental practice website homepage is how most new clients will make first contact with you, and whether you like it or not, you’ll be judged on your dental work by how your website looks. This means that it has to look pleasing, whilst providing all the relevant information for a client to contact you.

So what do you put on a dental practice homepage? We have a few recommendations:

Your Details

Contact details such as your email address, practice address and phone number should all be visible to your clients as soon as they log onto your website. As an example, take a look at a recent website we developed: In two separate positions you see the phone number, email address and practice address.

You’ll also notice that social media links have been added to the top right hand corner of the website to allow visitors to explore the brand further by using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Blogger.


A Clear Logo

A logo is how brands are recognized. I’m sure that if you were asked, you could accurately describe logos such as Coca Cola, McDonalds or Apple. Your dental website should display your company logo at the top of the page so that your visitors can recognize your practice as soon as they log on.

This recognition can also be carried over to your Facebook page, your Twitter feed and even offline. A constant, easy to remember logo can help spread the word about your brand.



A menu with links to useful pages on your website is a must have on your homepage. The majority of users are never happy with just viewing a one page website. Allow them to explore your site and practice further by linking to other pages inside your site.

Links such as dental services (what you offer), a blog, contact forms and appointment forms are all very useful to place on your homepage. A prominent link to an “About Us” page is also useful.



High quality professional photography can improve a website immensely. As you’ll see on the example we used earlier (, we’ve included a slideshow full of happy clients with bright, white teeth. A perfect addition to any homepage.

You may also want to include photography of your office, dental practice and staff.



Further down your homepage, you may consider placing patient reviews. A whole host of patient reviews can improve trust in your brand whilst also improving conversion rates.

A good dental practice will have no problem in getting positive reviews from its current client list. Post as many as possible on your website to show new clients what they can expect.

If necessary, incentivize your clients – offer a small discount in return for a review on your website. It’s something that many businesses (not just dental practices) do.