Wordpress for dentistsYou may have heard of the WordPress content management system. If you haven’t, it’s a free to use Content Management System which can be edited and manipulated by professional designers to suit the needs of hundreds of thousands of different users. Many dentists use WordPress within their website system, too.

WordPress (www.wordpress.org) is used by 76.4 million sites across the Internet. To put that into perspective, it’s the equivalent of 1 in every 4 people in the USA owning a WordPress website. Many of the world’s largest companies and websites rely on WordPress, too. Here are just a few who use WordPress:

  • Vogue (vogue.com)
  • The New Yorker (newyorker.com)
  • Fortune -including Fortune 500 (fortune.com)
  • Time, Inc (time.com)
  • BBC America (bbcamerica.com)

But why is WordPress so popular? Firstly, it’s an extremely simple system to use and maintain. After uploading the necessary files, you can sign into your WordPress system and start creating content straight away, without any prior knowledge of web development, coding or design.

wordpress plugins for dentistsWordPress also has a system of “Plugins” that are basically pieces of software that can allow your website to do more. As a dentist, you may want to add an appointments plugin to allow patients to book appointments online, or an image gallery plugin to show images of your dental practice.

Many plugins are free, but some developers do charge for more complicated plugins. The advantage of using the plugin system is that again, you don’t have to know much about web development to create an advanced website.

The functionality of a website is all very well, but you want your dental website to look good, don’t you? Fortunately, WordPress has this covered, too with their Themes.

Themes allow developers and designers to create themes based around many different functions and markets. If you look hard enough, you’ll find WordPress themes for almost any niche or market. The best designs usually cost between $30 – $100 per license, and take just a few minutes to install.

Dental website design can be a very difficult thing to get right, and attempting to create a WordPress site yourself from scratch may be wasting both time and resources. A professional dental website designer will be able to create a theme design for you, including appropriate color schemes and logos, and use available plugins to increase the functionality of the website.

However, after your website has been designed and created using WordPress, you will be able to update your website when you like, with the excellent administration panel that is built into WordPress. This administration panel will allow you to post new updated content to your website without having to rely on others to do it for you. This can make your website much more personable and can also reduce your website budget, as content creation can be expensive.