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Exploring Mastery in Cannabis Marketing for the Expansion of Business

The cannabis industry has seen a great rise over the last few years. It is predicted that this industry’s overall sales will reach $66.3 billion by 2025. The cannabis industry is a gold mine, but it must walk a fine line to follow government penalties, guidelines, and restrictions.  

Therefore, if you’re considering diving into the world of owning a cannabis business, knowing the ins and outs in detail is crucial to avoid any penalties. Since usual marketing strategies do not apply to the cannabis market, do have any idea how to advertise and target your audience to increase sales that stays within the guidelines?  

Furthermore, cannabis marketing must follow some regulations beyond the law. For example, online advertising or even traditional advertising channels, such as most radio, are strictly inaccessible. So, here’s the question: How do you spread the word about your cannabis brand? 

This article will introduce effective cannabis marketing tactics for your business to help your business grow, boost awareness and improve your brand’s value: 

1. Create An Online Store & A Website 

As per the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, online searches for marijuana increased by 98% from 2005 to 2017. Also, when Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, the Canadian eCommerce market embraced the online selling of marijuana. This shift by millions of North Americans has opened a door for the cannabis industry to bring their products to the online world and open their market.  

Therefore, it is a great opportunity for cannabis industries to sell their products or services online by building an online store and a website. 

2. Focus On Keyword & SEO Optimization

To improve your brand’s presence, start identifying high-converting keywords and optimize your content to boost sales and internet traffic. In addition, high-converting keywords help boost your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, meaning that when someone, local or international, searches a keyword within your SEO, your company is more likely to show up on the first page of a web browser 

High-converting keywords tend to dominate 70% of total searches over the internet. If they are coupled with good quality content and an easily navigated web platform, such keywords can increase your Cannabis SEO optimization.  

Therefore, make sure to do thorough research for keywords and content for your websites, blog posts, and other content to increase your brand’s presence and sales.  

3. Guest Posts

Guest posts are one of the best marketing tactics for immediate exposure in the cannabis industry. It can help you boost sales, increase brand awareness and build trust. Look for websites that enable you to write about cannabis products and your business. Guest posting on famous niche websites helps you improve search rankings, achieve a higher ROI, boost traffic, and strengthens your backlink profile.  

Always make sure that when you try to approach them, always try to respect the site’s requirements and guidelines.  

You should create an effective guest post strategy to promote your cannabis business and then create informative content focusing on the benefits of marijuana with facts and proof. Publishing high-quality content related to marijuana on popular sites can level up your cannabis marketing game. 

4. Social Media

Although you are not allowed to pay for advertisements on social media does not mean that you can’t maintain a social media presence. Social media gives you the most direct and effective way to engage your audience.   

Just make sure that the content you post on social media does not break any rules and regulations laid down by social media platforms.

5. Focus On Educating The Audience

Not many people are aware of marijuana and its perks. Meaning your platform could take the lead to spread awareness about cannabis products. You can craft and plan educational content on cannabis products involving blog posts, visual content, and social media content.  

For instance, you can provide content on the benefits of marijuana, different types of cannabis and marijuana products, what to look for when buying cannabis products, and much more.   

The educational content on such topics can help your audience look at you as a credible and authentic brand, building the brand’s trust and attracting an audience to your brand. 

6. Target Local Market

Even though website building and online advertising are crucial, targeting local markets can give your brand instant visibility at fewer costs. In addition, unlike online advertisers and high-value printing, local advertisement helps you reach potential buyers quickly. 

7. Event Marketing

Cannabis marketing at events might seem like a hectic job, but it is fun. Event marketing lets you connect with buyers, vendors, brands, and weed entrepreneurs to promote your product and what your brand stands for 

When you opt for event marketing, do not limit yourself to being stuck behind a booth. Instead, you should go out there, meet enthusiasts, and try to build relationships with them in a manner that is intimate and engaging. Always make sure to spread messages about your event through social media platforms beforehand to make sure that everyone who comes across your page is in the know 

8. Local Billboards

Local billboards are a simple yet effective cannabis marketing tactic. Billboards are a primary marketing tactic in legal states to drive traffic toward retail cannabis businesses.

9. Use Radio Advertisements

Radio advertisements are another cannabis marketing tactic that is effective. Various radio platforms are more accepting of marijuana campaigning these days. You can select the radio stations based on your audience demographics. It’s said that the audience needs to hear cannabis product ads three times for lasting impact.  

However, some state laws and FCC-Federal Communications Commission might not allow you to advertise on the radio. In such cases, you can make use of satellite radio ads. 

One of the best things about satellite radio ads is that it does not come under the notice of the FCC as it is not considered a broadcasting medium and is cheaper than radio advertisements.  

Note: also, podcasts are a great way to advertise, since there are a lot of widely known podcasts run by a single individual who chooses and approves the content and is not under review by the FCC, you can offer to pay them to advertise your business in their podcast.  

10. Collaborate With Marijuana Networks

Cannabis businesses can collaborate with marijuana social ad networks to grow their traffic. Such platforms display ads on medical marijuana or recreational dispensaries on more than 240 websites. It is great for the exposure of your brand. 


When it comes to cannabis marketing, there are limitations by state regulations, policies, and federal regulations. Brands can find ways to do their effective cannabis marketing with a little creativity and ingenuity.  

Cannabis marketing is not as difficult as it seems. Level up your marketing strategies with the touch of creativity and innovation to grow your brand’s presence and increase sales.  

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