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How To Choose The Best Cannabis Marketing Agency

Although cannabis marketing is still in its infancy, growers, and sellers of cannabis still trying to maintain a low profile. But, with increasing liberties by people and lawmakers, the industry is growing rapidly. So, there’s a huge window of opportunities to seize market share and establish yourself as the leading cannabis seller. But, the path of cannabis marketing is full of restrictions. So, you have to opt for creative ways to market cannabis products.   

Hiring a cannabis marketing agency is the best choice to help you flourish and withstand competition from other companies. It helps bring clarity and ease to unfamiliar strategies using well-thought advertising campaigns and proactive methods to make you stand out. The primary objective is to stock your cannabis business’ goals and find the most suitable cannabis marketing agency match for it. So, here’s a guide to deciding the right partner fit for your cannabis business.  

Aspects To Consider When Choosing The Best Cannabis Marketing Agency  

Choosing that perfect cannabis marketing agency requires you to define what you want or simply your cannabis business’ goals, and discover the availability in terms of budget, assets, and market, in order to find the best fit for you and your business.  

 1. Be Specific With Your Goals  

To narrow the range of options to choose the appropriate cannabis marketing agency for your business, be certain of your goals and motives in the long run. Identify your aim and outline your underlying marketing philosophy. This gives you a basic idea of the kind of advertising and message you want for the marketing.  

The cannabis industry is expected to show a rise in its compound growth rate and reach up to 14% over the upcoming six years. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and succeed if your cannabis company has a smart approach and set goals. An experienced cannabis marketing agency helps you stay committed to your business goals. 

 2. Research In The Cannabis Market 

Focus on marketing agencies that specialize in cannabis services so that their experience can add to the abundance of your business’ growth. There are multiple options for cannabis marketing agencies: local, national, and even global cannabis marketing agencies, specialized and full-service cannabis marketing agencies, and cannabis-industry-specific and non-specific marketing agencies. Research all out beforehand to determine which agency will best represent your business and values.

3. Services Offered 

Research about the cannabis marketing agency, scroll through their website, check others’ social media presences, communicate with past clients and check their experience. Read all about its services. Know what it offers. A reputed and experienced cannabis marketing agency is expected to involve itself in –  

  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Advanced SEO Methods 
  • Advertising and Promotions 
  • Automated Activities 
  • Partnerships & Certifications  

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4. Figuring Out The Marketing Budget 

The budget of your business and cannabis business lays the framework for an advertising campaign. You must select that cannabis marketing agency that matches your budget perfectly, hence, you need to be certain and specific with preliminary calculations and estimates. Any cannabis marketing agency that you approach has the first query as the company’s business. Be prepared for all and do your basic intensive, and extensive research.  

 5. Dig Into The Agency’s Portfolios

A flashy website with regular content posts is well enough, but client reviews and testimonials are where you find the most honest and precise value. Go through the cannabis marketing agency’s client portfolio. Read the customer testimonials. Make sure to note the trend of reviews to judge whether the quality of work has been maintained and if helpful, call previously known clients of a said marketing agency to gain a full scope of the judgment. Communicate with your peers and watch their social media to know if they conduct events or have any references.   

 6. The Expertise Of Professionals 

Examine the cannabis marketing agency thoroughly to cross-check all the parameters to reach that perfect and appropriate match that your business requires to grow. The team that you are going to partner with is very crucial. Marketing is a long-term process, and compatibility is important for smooth operation and functioning in every kind of partnership.   

 7. Analyze Online Presence Of Cannabis Marketing Agency 

Every company claims big and impressive things, so, it is advised to check the social media presence of a cannabis marketing agency before hiring it. Scrolling through its own website isn’t enough in this social media age. Check its engagement rate on social media and interactivity with the audience. Also, notice how easy it is to navigate its website online. The frequency of content posting also helps indicate how active a cannabis marketing agency is. Finally, go through its marketing strategies. The quality of the content and responses to it reveal a lot about its reputation among the general audience.  


The path to an outstanding marketing strategy starts with defined aim goals and a specific budget. The cannabis marketing agency you hire must be in unison with your needs and demands. They should focus on generating more sales opportunities as per your affordability and set budget. Start researching for the appropriate cannabis marketing agency with three basic questions- defining your business’ objectives, knowing your target audience, and setting a fixed budget.  

To filter one out of so many competitive marketing agencies, figure out five basic aspects of their functioning, including who will be managing, what initiatives and methods will be stressed, when can status updates be observed, where is that agency located, and how do they work. Don’t hesitate to inquire about digital methodologies they incorporate to market cannabis products. Always examine the marketing tools any cannabis marketing agency uses.   


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