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Cannabis Business Social Network Of 2022

Cannabis has continued to become increasingly popular over the past five years and the industry is exponentially growing too, especially in the United States. In the United States, individuals who are 21 years above consume cannabis for recreational purposes. A few of the states in the U.S. have also legalized the possession and use of drugs. This development has birthed the legal marketing of cannabis and enables cannabis connoisseurs, potheads, and fellow stoners to seek out like-minded people online. 

However, cannabis entrepreneurs have all experienced certain limitations with their online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Apart from having their accounts shut down unexpectedly, they’ve also struggled with pushback from Google and Apple stores because these apps do not want to associate themselves with cannabis-related apps. This results in the rise of cannabis-specific social networks which have been designed to help cannabis business owners to connect both socially and professionally. Whether you are looking to join a community as a smoker or you want to market yourself as a cannabis business owner, the following are some of the best 420 sites for marijuana enthusiasts.

1. Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is a recently launched cannabis business social network for professionals in the marijuana business industry who want to connect. It is known as the LinkedIn of the marijuana world. This is because the platform gives you access to news, plans, processes, and market data. It also enables sharing your own updates, and images, posting articles and sharing details about your cannabis business while growing your network in the process. Leaf Wire comes with a marketplace for business owners to list their services to fellow experts in the cannabis industry.

2. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is one of the larger cannabis business social networks that allow professionals in the cannabis industry to find different products, make friends, check product reviews and gain knowledge through the QA among other things. CannaSOS has a fast-growing database of marijuana users who interact with one another by asking and getting answers to their questions about cannabis, marijuana, and related industry news through pros.

Cannabis enthusiasts can also join groups and connect with like-minded people who are discussing niche-specific topics. CannaSOS receives about 400,000 total monthly visitors and they’ve established a strong digital presence through social media platforms with a decent-sized following. CannaSOS features a strain review database with detailed information about the effects of marijuana strains. 

3. WeedCircles

WeedCircles combines the features of LinkedIn and Google Plus. This cannabis business social network connects cannabis enthusiasts with vendors, customers, and colleagues, in the cannabis industry.

Signing up on WeedCircle is free. It gives you access to thousands of marijuana businesses and to connect with lots of users of this marijuana social network. WeedCircles allows business owners in the cannabis industry to reach like-minded people and cannabis entrepreneurs with information about their own businesses. You can also create a cannabis group and also add it to WeedCircle for more exposure and growth. 

4. 420 Magazine Forum

420 Magazine is an old print media forum. It has an online presence of community users with features of social media platforms. It is a community of marijuana enthusiasts where users take part in discussions about tactics and techniques for growth. People interact with one another and discuss governments and individual perspectives about marijuana. You can talk about related legislation, rules, and legalizations with other users. 

5. Grasscity Forum

The Grasscity forum is one of the oldest Cannabis Business Social networks that is dedicated to everything that is related to weed. The social media community has always been a very popular forum for marijuana growth and it was originally designed to help users to chat about how to grow weed, and acquire knowledge on producing weed and starting a weed business. However, Grasscity has now expanded as it’s now seen as one of the largest online forums for cannabis. Grasscity has cannabis-related news sessions and users are also able to further discuss topics such as smoking, weed laws, other ways to use weed, and how to find the dispensaries.

6. MassRoots

MassRoots is the first social network –now with more than 1 million users –and is considered the Facebook of the cannabis world. It was designed to link cannabis enthusiasts among college. This cannabis business social network is another 420 site that provides trustworthy dispensaries for students that use cannabis. MassRoot exposes entrepreneurs and companies in the cannabis industry to branding tactics. On this platform, users have the opportunity to rate items and write their feedback on it. The 420 site also has a loyalty scheme that encourages active engagement from its users while giving them a chance to win concert tickets, festival passes, and movie tickets.  

7. MJ Link

MJLink is another 420 site for professionals who want to connect with growers, product manufacturers, sellers, marketers, attorneys, and other cannabis entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. This cannabis business social network is growing fast and will be around for a while, thanks to the $1.7 million seed money from investors. It is a place a cannabis business owner will want to set up a profile and get ready for massive networking. You can network through the news feeds, videos, and directory listings. The duo of WeedLife and MJLink is also further extending its reach by partnering with Wildlife to establish the HempTalk forum.

8. Duby

Duby has been a safe haven for cannabis lovers since when cannabis used to be illegal. It was created as a social media platform for weed enthusiasts to post and connect with one another without fear or worry about causing trouble. Duby has now transformed from an online forum to a useful app that connects thousands of cannabis lovers, with features similar to Instagram and Tinder. Duby has been featured in several broadcast stories in the media. With the stories and videos, users can easily network, connect and also find dates. The platforms also provide business owners in the cannabis industry to market their products and get customers. 

9. 420 Singles is a marijuana-friendly dating app that matches people that love cannabis locally and worldwide. 420 Singles is purely a social platform. It can be referred to as the Cannabis world’s Tinder. Like the Tinder app, you can swipe left or right to avoid matches or make them. You will get to meet people who smoke and love cannabis. You might even make new friends in your neighborhood. The 420 Singles app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store. 

10. Weedable

Weedable is a smartphone app that provides users with the opportunity to build their online portfolio as a means to connect to other members of the cannabis community. This app comes with a push notification feature, which makes connecting through the social network easy even when you are on the move. Users also get access to news on the 420 aesthetic. The app is easy to use and makes online shopping easy. It also comes with a section where users can view varieties of edibles, seeds, cannabis plants, and concentrates. Users can connect with their favorite brands and companies also connect with customers.